Joining our homestay program is a big commitment from both the player and the player’s family. If you are offered a place in the homestay program, there are expectations and standards the club requires of both the players and their home families to meet.


  • Maturity
  • Independence
  • Eagerness to engage with the host family
  • Flexibility


  • Communicate with host and home family on a daily basis.
  • Be in charge and responsible for schoolwork.
  • Get out of bed in the morning independently and on time.
  • Know/be open to learn how to do laundry.
  • Know/be open to learn how to cook food.
  • Be in charge of (and communicate) schedule to club, parents, host parents as needed.
  • Decide to do chores and help around the home.
  • Desire to engage with host family.
  • Keep room clean.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Always say thank you.


  • Communicate with the host family at least once per week with openness, flexibility, and honesty.
  • Always know how your child is doing in school.
  • Be active in discipling your child.
  • Be a safe place for your child to turn to.
  • Be proactive with money and have a plan for expenses outside of what the stipend covers.
  • Always keep health insurance up to date.
  • Try to take as much weight off the host family as possible.
  • Always know what is going on with your child.
  • Find lots of ways to thank your host family.


The Academy has a dedicated Manager of Education and Welfare, who is available to assist identified homestay players and families make the best academic decision for their future with the Columbus Crew.

Virtual Schooling

Due to the need for scheduling flexibility, and the jurisdiction restrictions involved with traditional school enrollments in Ohio, the player will need to be enrolled in a virtual high school. The Crew employs a Manager of Education & Welfare who will supervise the players’ schoolwork. Parents are also expected to take a principal role in overseeing their child’s education. The Manager of Education and Welfare has an array of online options that are NCAA approved and will continue to challenge the player academically. These options are based on the family’s state of residence.

All virtual students will become a part of Crew School, the club’s onsite learning environment, led by our Manager of Education and Welfare. These players meet at the Facility two times per week from 8:30AM – 3PM and are provided with three healthy meals at the facility.

For more information about Crew School please visit our page (video?).

Do I have the option of in-person school enrollment?

Yes, in special circumstances a homestay player can be enrolled in an in-person school in the host family’s district. Due to regulations of the state of Ohio, enrolling a player into an in-person school is a complicated and lengthy process that comes with additional requirements to complete. The only way to enroll a homestay player into an in-person school is to transfer guardianship to the assigned host family. The following steps will need to be completed before the host family can enroll your child into in-person school.

  1. Home families secure a lawyer in their state and county.
  2. Submit Paperwork (to the Crew & your appointed lawyer).
  3. Appear in Court.
  4. Transfer Guardianship.
  5. Host family enrolls child in school.


All players will have access to in-person tutoring with the Manager of Education and Welfare. This is additional support to receive one-on-one tutoring or a place to study independently.