UPSL (U18/U19+) Team

Players who have progressed beyond the U17 age group will participate in UPSL. This roster of players will comprise of players aged U18 and above and forms an essential step in our pathway to Crew 2 and the 1st Team.

The UPSL roster will train in the mornings in a connected environment with Crew 2, enabling integrated and combined practices. This is also to replicate a professional players daily schedule and routine, to further prepare the player for life as a professional player.

The UPSL comprises of a Fall and Spring season, with play offs at the end of each season.

U15 & U16/U17 Teams

Our U15 and U16/U17 Academy teams will participate in the MLS Next Platform where they will play in MLS Pro-Pathway games vs MLS opponents and MLS Next Flex, including the end of season MLS Next Cup Playoffs.

Additionally, the U15 and U16/U17 teams will participate in the prestigious Generation Adidas Cup, one of the leading youth tournaments in the America’s where they will compete against MLS youth Academies and Professional Youth Academies from Europe, Africa, Central and South America.

The teams train 5 to 4 days per week, depending on game schedule.

Both age groups may also participate in additional domestic or international events.

U13 & U14 Teams

Our U13 and U14 teams train twice per week and operate on a hybrid basis with their local clubs. The teams participate in friendly games through the fall, winter and spring seasons as well as the U14’s participating in a Spring tournament event.

The program operates in 4 phases through the year, players will receive an individual evaluation after every phase. The phases enable us to have a fluid roster, where players may be rotated in and out of the team at the end of each phase.

The program enables us to develop players in coordination with their home clubs, and enables players to participate in both environments whilst still living at home.

Individual Player Development

Our primary objective of the Crew Academy is to develop professional players. We aim to develop the individual within the collective.

We focus on specific areas pertaining to each player’s age, skill level, role and/or position within their respective team, while providing them a detailed Individual Development Plan. Through this process, we have six (6) IDP meetings with each player per year, with parents included in two (2), to ensure there is a clarity on how that player can improve his strengths and opportunities of growth.

Every player within our Academy will receive the following:

  • Individual Development Plan
  • Goal setting plan
  • Individualized, position specific and unit training (x2 per week)
  • Weekly individual video and game feedback
  • Physical performance plan
  • Mental Performance Seminars
  • Nutritional well-being
Latest Academy News
Latest Academy News