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We couldn’t be more grateful for our Homestay host families; they are an invaluable part of our Academy. We know that considering whether or not to welcome a child into your home is a big decision and we are here to help. If you are thinking about hosting one of our talented recruits, please read through the information below. We are thrilled you are interested in joining our host family and Crew Academy community!


  • Meet all screening requirements.
  • Provide a safe family environment.
  • Be a supporter, mentor, encourager, and role model.
  • Provide three healthy meals a day and snacks.
  • Provide a furnished bedroom. (Can be shared with another teammate, but not a host family member).
  • Transportation to and from Crew Academy training and games.
  • Treat your player(s) as part of the family and include them in family activities.


  • $500 monthly stipend (supplemented by the Crew, the child’s family, or both).
  • 2 complimentary Columbus Crew tickets for each home game. These tickets will be offered for the duration of the players’ stay with the family and will follow the Academy season of August - July.
  • Inclusion into all Crew Academy sponsored events
  • Crew Academy players can serve as positive role models for younger family members.
  • Become a part of the Columbus Crew family and gain a new perspective on soccer, as seen through the eyes of an elite player.
  • Build a lifelong friendship with host players and their families.
  • Support the Columbus Crew's player development pathway, help our program be competitive, and potentially develop a future first team player.


How can my own children benefit from being part of a Homestay family?

Players for the Crew Academy have been hand-selected. They are not only outstanding athletes, but they are expected to conduct themselves with high charter and independence. Crew Academy players are given an elite opportunity to become a part of the Columbus Crew. The Club has selected athletes dedicated to training for the sport they love, committed to maintaining high academic standards, and inspired to pursue their dreams; even at the cost of leaving their own families. We hope that these attributes will inspire your family and provide a new level of passion for the beautiful game.

How long does the player stay with the billet family?

The Academy season spans a 10-month period, from August to June/July. A billet family should expect to house a player for the duration of their season with breaks in December & July.

What are your transportation policies?

Transportation to and from school, training, and matches will be coordinated by the billet host family and/or the player. In most cases, carpool options are available. The club can help facilitate carpooling options when possible. If you are concerned about transportation, let us know, we can look for solutions for your family to still be a part of our program.

Who pays for extracurricular activities for the player?

Each player’s immediate (home) family is responsible for providing money for any extra-curricular activities such as dining out, going to the movies, etc. The home family is also responsible for routine expenses like school supplies, clothing, and haircuts, etc.

What school will the player attend?

Due to the need for scheduling flexibility, and the jurisdiction restrictions involved with school enrollments in Ohio, the player will be enrolled in a virtual high school. The Crew employs a Manager of Education & Welfare who will supervise the players’ schoolwork. Parents are also expected to take a principal role in overseeing their child’s education. The child will be supervised at our training facility 2-days a week with a program called Crew School. It is possible, in some cases, to enroll a child into an in-person school, but this is a lengthy process that will involve lawyers to transfer academic guardianship.