Gregg Berhalter - Waving - 12.2.18


First, I want to thank Mr. Precourt for entrusting me to build and lead a competitive team in Columbus. He provided the resources necessary to assemble a strong technical department and develop our style of play over the past five years. This opportunity with U.S. Soccer is not possible without the support he provided in Columbus and I will continue to cherish our relationship.

During this time, I was fortunate to work with high character players that consistently strove to perform at higher levels. I want to thank all of them for their bravery and commitment to play our style of soccer, regardless of venue, opponent or magnitude of the match. They were dedicated in the work they put in on the training field, in the gym, during video sessions and off the field each and every day. I also want to thank my staff and the entire front office for their tireless work that is vital to the success of the team but often goes unnoticed and unmentioned. Their importance and contributions to building a strong, collaborative culture cannot be underestimated. 

The memories with our fans are special and will always remain a part of me. I sincerely appreciate their passion and unwavering loyalty to the Black & Gold and I will never forget walking across the field to the Nordecke to express my sincere gratitude after each match. The support of the fans is what makes this sport special.

Finally, I would like to thank the Columbus community who allowed me into their lives, homes, classrooms, and businesses, and provided an opportunity to give back and grow as a person. My family and I have so many fantastic memories that it would be impossible to thank everyone individually. Not wishing to exclude anyone, we simply say: thank you, Columbus.

The opportunity with U.S. Soccer is unique and holds special significance to me, especially as I have been part of its teams from the youth to the senior levels. Now is the right time for me to take this step in my career to play a part in an organization’s rich history. The process of continually learning and growing as a coach is never ending and I look forward to getting started on the next chapter.

Interested in 2023 Season Tickets?
Interested in 2023 Season Tickets?