Dee Haslam Investor-Operator

Jimmy Haslam Investor-Operator

Whitney Johnson Investor-Operator

JW Johnson Investor-Operator

Dr. Pete Edwards Investor-Operator

Team Executives

Tim Bezbatchenko President & General Manager

Team Staff

Technical Staff

Wilfried Nancy Head Coach

Kwame Ampadu Assistant Coach

Yoann Damet Assistant Coach

Phil Boerger Goalkeeper Coach

Maxime Chalier Video Performance Coach

Juan Giuffra Assistant Video Coach Analyst

Jules Gueguen Assistant Coach and Fitness Coach

Soccer Administration

Jaime McMillan Vice President, Soccer Administration & Operations

Issa Tall Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel and Strategy

Corey Wray Assistant General Manager, Crew 2 General Manager

Neil McGuinness Director, Scouting and Player Recruitment

Marc Nicholls Technical Director

Dustin Kadri Soccer Systems Analyst

Marshall Bushnell Manager, Player Personnel

Kathy Scheiferstein Executive Assistant to the President

Team Operations

Julio Velasquez Senior Manager, Team Operations

Elena Lemus Manager, Player Care & Team Operations

David Brauzer Manager, Equipment Operations

Derrick Contreras Asst. Equipment Manager

Performance & Medical

Chris Shenberger Head of Sport Science & Medicine

Chris Rumsey Head Athletic Trainer

Daniel Givens Assistant Athletic Trainer

Catherine Hill Assistant Athletic Trainer

Kyla Cross Team Dietitian

Luis Jeronimo Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ahmad Salamah Performance Coach, End Stage & Rehabilitation

Alex Mysiw Director, Analytics

Callum McCaskie Sports Scientist

Crew 2

Kobie Johnson Crew 2 Assistant Coach

Alex Blackburn Crew 2 Goalkeeper Coach

Sara Kusner Crew 2 Head Athletic Trainer

Marc O'Neill Crew 2 Video & Data Analyst

Avery DelFavero Crew 2 Equipment Manager


Dan Lock Director of Player Development

Kelvin Jones UPSL Head Coach/Crew 2 Assistant Coach and Assistant Director of Player Development

Gus Teren U17 Head Head Coach

Shahad Farahani U15 Head Coach

Bryan Rodrigues U13/U14 Coach & Program Lead

Eric Dutt Academy Head Coach, Data and Performance Analysis

Jorge Gonzalez U19 Assistant Coach/Performance Coach

Eddie Hertsenberg U17/U15 Assistant Coach

David Winner Academy Goalkeeper Coach

Saad Abdul-Salaam U13/U14 Assistant Coach

Dominic Sanguinette Academy Performance Coach

Erik Alves Manager, Academy Scouting & Recruiting

Rafael Calderon Head Academy Scout

Callum Morris Academy Scout and Lead Coach U11/U12

Shelby Stimmel Academy Athletic Trainer

Grant Slovin Academy Athletic Trainer

Ross Gibson Manager, Education

Kellianne Venit Manager, Academy Operations

Caden Fergison Academy Equipment Manager

Will Perry Assistant Equipment Manager

Business Operations


Mary Shepro Vice President & General Counsel

Sam Daugherty Director, Finance

Mark Maxwell Senior Accountant

Emilee Hardesty Coordinator, Accounts Payable

Ryan Gruebel Manager, IT

Zak Towne Support Services Technician

Madison Posk Executive Support & Acceleration Coordinator


Molly Zaluski Senior Director, Events & Grassroots Marketing

Katie Foglia Senior Director, Brand Strategy & Innovation

Chelsea Ingram Manager, Business Solutions

Amber Costa Manager, Match Presentation & Promotions

Matthew Henry Coordinator, Marketing

Jessie Mayne Coordinator, Marketing Activations

Creative Services

Eric Sinicki Creative Director

Kennon Pearson Sr. Graphic Designer

Colleen Irmen Graphic Designer, Business Solutions

Drew Horton Photographer

Content & Production

Ben Shuster Director, Video Content & Production

Zach Zeltman Manager, Video Editor

Daren Scarberry Manager, Creative Video Content

Maria Camila Segura Sevillano Coordinator, Video Content

Digital & Social

Carlos Latapi Manager, Digital & Brand Innovation

Carson Reider Manager, Email & Digital Advertising

Grant Little Social Media Coordinator

Daniel O'Leary Coordinator, Digital

Supporter Relations

Tyler Phillips Manager, Fan Culture & Development

Community Relations

Stephanie Cedeño Director, Community Relations

Scoreboard Operations

Erik Shear Producer, Scoreboard Operations

Dante Tolsdorf Coordinator, Scoreboard Operations

Business Partnerships & Camps

Dante Washington Director, Team Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Robert Spain Technical Director, Youth Partnerships

Frankie Hejduk Manager, Team Strategic Partnerships

Tim McCarthy Coordinator, Youth Business Development & Camps

Andrew Dunaway Program Lead & Staff Coach, Crew Youth


Rob McBurnett Vice President, Communications

Eunice Kim Senior Manager, Communications

Nate White Manager, Corporate Communications

Esteban Osegueda Coordinator, Communications

Olivia Penegor Coordinator, Communications & Multimedia

Corporate Partnerships

Justin Younghans Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Jillian Reid Senior Director, Partnership Activation

Thomas O'Farrell Director, Corporate Partnerships

Taylor Exner Manager, Partnership Activation

Jack Kennedy Manager, Partnership Activation

Kaleb Sislowski Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Kaiden Evans Coordinator, Partnership Activation

Justin Delaney Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Ticket Operations

Logan Valtz Manager, Ticket Operations

Robby Becker Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Matthew McLane Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Ticket Sales & Service

Adam Green Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service

Business Analytics

Kat Grabill Manager, CRM

Caroline Brega Coordinator, Business Analytics

Membership Services & Event Hospitality

Katherine Tran Senior Director, Premium & Membership Services

Lara Ceaser-Page Senior Manager, Membership Services

Natalie Fleming Manager, Premium Service

Ryan Gordon Senior Membership Services Representative

Michael Palmer Senior Membership Services Representative

Max Anthony Membership Services Representative

Bailey Ault Membership Services Representative

Ethan Cayer Membership Service Representative

Josh Kill Membership Services Representative

Caroline Kraszewski Membership Services Representative

Sam Staley Membership Services Representative

Noah Thomas Membership Services Representative

Abby Turner Membership Services Representative

Alex Zaage Membership Services Representative

Private Events

Zach Wellman Manager, Special Event Sales

Hailey Hice Manager, Special Event Operations

Logan Perkins Manager, Special Event Sales

Paige McCort Coordinator, Special Events

Season Ticket Sales

Ian Shaw Director, Premium & Season Ticket Sales

Michael Heller Manager, Premium Sales

Kameren Turner Manager, Premium Sales

Brittnee Edgar Account Executive, Season Sales

AJ Montgomery Account Executive, Season Sales

Jake Hart Account Executive, Season Sales

Salvador Parra Account Executive, Season Sales

Ashley Smith Ticket Representative

Jenny Johnson Ticket Representative

Sam Miller Ticket Representative

Alex Garcia Ticket Representative

Group Sales

Jarrod Falasca Senior Manager, Group Sales

Logan Kocianic Senior Account Executive, Group Sales

Teresa Castline Account Executive, Group Sales

Brendan Handy Account Executive, Group Sales

Facility Operations

Scot Obergefell General Manager / VP, Stadium Operations

Jerad Preston Director, Security

Marc Steving Director, Facility Operations

Michael Beirne Director, Event Services

Sam Hof Manager, Operations

Parker Costello Coordinator, Events

Amanda Traxler Coordinator, Events

Anna Hatcher Coordinator, Facility Administration

Cameron Wirt Coordinator, Facility Operations

Andrew Miller Coordinator, Stadium Operations

Ellen Race Coordinator, Guest Services

Zach Maley Facilities Technician

Collin Miller Facilities Maintenance Technician

Armando Prudente Facilities Technician

Cesar Ramirez Facilities Technician

Jean Paul Uribe Facilities Maintenance Technician

Ron Byrd Facilities Assistant

Donna Mowbray Facilities Assistant


Ben Jackson Director of Grounds

Andrew Northeim Head Groundskeeper, OhioHealth Performance Center

Nick Roe Field Manager, Lower.com Field

Jack Bengel Grounds Supervisor

Keegan Mahaney Assistant Groundskeeper/Mechanic

Nathan Gaspard Assistant Groundskeeper

Cameron Mendel Assistant Groundskeeper