Eddie Gaven and Federico Higuain
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Postgame Quotes - Houston Dynamo


Thoughts on the match

“I think it was a good performance. Being 1-0 down, we came back and scored a nice goal. In the second half, we played pretty well and scored a goal. We defended with confidence and we were unfortunate to give up a goal.”

Thoughts on Federico Higuain

“He is an excellent player. He has a lot of composure. His movement is very good and he is very technically sound. He is a dangerous player.”

Thoughts on Cole Grossman

“He did a good job defending and did a good job being in the right spots. The goal was a bonus.”

Thoughts on earning a point in Houston

“We are in a situation where we have to win the games. It’s too bad we lost two points today.”


On kissing the armband after the goal

“That was the first thing that came to my mind when it went in the net. I was just wishing Kirk [Urso] was out there with us. He’s going to be in our hearts all year and we are going to be playing to honor his memory every game this year.”

On earning a point in the past two matches

“We are not content with a point. We felt we should have six for sure. We feel like we let these games get away from us. I also feel like we played all right at times so we can take some of the things we did well and build off that. If we keep playing with this kind of energy and spirit we will start to win more.

On Cole Grossman’s performance
“Cole [Grossman] played great for us. He was all over the field tonight. He’s been playing great ever since he’s been in there to be honest with you. For him to get his first goal, I’m sure it means the world to him and it was huge for us to be able to go into half with the game 1-1. Definitely very happy for him and hopefully he keeps on playing well for us.”
On Federico Higuain’s performance

“He did really well when he came in for us. He definitely has a very good understanding of the game. He reads the game very well, has a very good touch on the ball, so that was really good for us to see because he has only trained with us twice. For he to kind of gel that soon with us, I think that’s a good sign. He’s only going to get better.“


On gaining confidence with the goal

“Anytime you score, it’s a good feeling. Particularly, first goals have an extra special feeling. It would have been nice to have it come in and win, so I’m a little disappointed.”

On not celebrating the goal

“To be completely honest, it’s really humid [in Houston] and I was really tired. We played Wednesday and I was really tired. I knew that a lot of the other guys were exhausted too, so I didn’t want to run to the corner and have everyone else run there too or anything like that. I was just really tired. I had made a long run to get the ball so I wasn’t trying to send a message, just pretty exhausted.


On playing his first game with the Crew

“My first game went very well. I felt very comfortable on the field. Unfortunately, I was sad that we didn’t get the three points, which is what we came here for, but we are going in the right direction and this is the work that we need to do to starting getting some wins. “

On meshing with the attack

“I feel good. I feel comfortable. Everyone has treated me really nice here starting with the coaching staff, the medical staff, and my teammates. We just keep going along, trying to get to know each other. I get to know them a little bit more and they get to know me a little bit more. I feel that we are going in a good direction.”


Thoughts on the match

“It was a tough game. I have always thought they are a tough opponent. We had a great start to the game but then after we scored we kind of let them off a little bit. Then they got a good goal on the break and then another good goal on the break. We talked about how shape and attack would be important and we got caught in there a little bit on the second goal. But then again it was a great fight by us at the end. We were due a goal with all the chances we had. It wasn’t the prettiest goal but it counted and it saved us a point and kept us unbeaten at home.”

On the tying goal

“At that particular time, with Cam [Weaver] and Brian [Ching], we were just putting balls in the box and they were dropping deeper and deeper. Adam [Moffat] just lurked until the ball bounced out. He put it on frame and maybe we were fortunate that the ball crossed the line but I thought we had a few opportunities before that to get the tying goal. It was well played by him. You just need to hit the target because when you hit the target you give yourself a chance to score.”

On the final ten minutes after the goal

“I just wanted to make sure the linesman started running toward the half-way line because that’s the clear signal that ball went in. We can’t tell where we were sitting that the ball crossed the line. You just need to re-organize the team because the way we were playing at the end was risk-reward and we needed to re-organize to be more of a solid unit. It was hard to get the point across because the fans were going crazy after the goal was scored. Even then, we continued to go forward for a win and I was happy with the guys’ effort.”


Thoughts on the match

“I thought we played well in the first half and getting that lead was great. Then we got a little careless and gave up the goal on the counterattack. I think when Ricardo [Clark] came in he gave us a little life, which we needed.  We are happy with the end result. Getting ourselves in the hole didn’t help, but we battled back and kept the form at home pretty well.”

Thoughts on the goal

“The ball was scrambling around a little bit and, sitting in that deeper spot, I am always aware of the ball coming out. So as it came out, it goes through my mind to hit it first time and I needed to slow myself down. I got a decent connection on it. Fortunately it did not hit any bodies. I didn’t see it completely go over the line but it was just enough. It was a good feeling because we were trying to get back in the game.”


On chasing Pat Onstad’s club shutout record

“I think the record speaks for itself. It’s a record because it’s a difficult thing to do. I’m not aiming for the record; I’m aiming for wins. I would much rather be a part of a team that has the most wins in a season. I think the shutouts come as the team rolls especially with this team. I think it’s much more of a team stat than a goalkeeping stat.”


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