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Columbus Crew SC announced that the club has acquired Venezuelan midfielder Eduardo Sosa, who joins Crew SC as a Discovery Signing. Sosa, 21, previously played for Zamora FC of Venezuela’s topflight and brings five years of experience which includes winning three domestic titles and playing in Copa Libertadores.’s Carlos Mojica caught up with Sosa on the phone:

Carlos Mojica, Welcome to Columbus Crew SC! How excited are you to be joining the team?

Eduardo Sosa, translated to English by’s a great joy for me. I’m really looking forward to being there and getting to know everyone. I’m very proud of the fact that the club [Crew SC] took notice of me and has given me the opportunity to be there. I’m going to show my talent and potential and contribute to the club as much as I can so that everything goes well. I have the hope that I can win something with the club.

CM: How would you describe yourself as a player?

ES: I’m a very quick player who is skilled on the ball and can provide assists. I can also shoot well from distance.

CM: How do you think your playing style aligns with Crew SC’s?

ES:Well, the truth is that I think it aligns well because I personally like Columbus’ style a lot since I enjoy playing collectively: touching the ball, give-and-gos, playing the ball short, etc. And Columbus Crew SC likes to play in that way as well – they touch the ball a lot, they do give-and-gos, they play together – so I think that they will help me and I think I will be able to contribute as well.

CM: How familiar are you with MLS and this club?

ES: I quickly learned that the team likes to play the ball to the ground, to play the ball quickly and that whether the players make a mistake or not, that they continue trying to play their way. I really like that philosophy of playing the ball to the ground and I like that about the team.

CM: Do you know any other Venezuelan players in the League?

ES: I know Josef Martinez because we both have the same agent. I faced [Jefferson] Savarino when he played in Venezuela so I know him from facing him but I don’t really have a relationship with him or Josef [Martinez].

Q&A | Eduardo Sosa discusses joining Crew SC -

CM: In a previous interview you mentioned looking up to Argentine legend Juan Roman Riquelme growing up. What about his playing style did you admire?

ES: I loved how calm he was, how he was able to slow down the game. I loved him – he controlled everything. I think he controlled the entire team when he was in Boca [Juniors]: he brought calmness to the game, he could assist goals, he could cross the ball. He could do everything and I really liked him.

CM: Have you ever been to the U.S. before?

ES: No, I’ve never been there, but I’m very excited. It’s the first time that I have left my country and I can’t think of a better way. I would like to sincerely thank Zamora FC, its front office, its administrative personnel, all of my teammates and the fans, as well as my agent Sebastian Cano for helping me make this dream a reality.

CM: You made your debut for Zamora FC’s first team at the age of 17 and you’ve won the Primera Division three times. How has playing at the top level in Venezuela, and having success there, helped prepare you for this next challenge in MLS?

ES: I think it has prepared me very well because Venezuelan soccer is very different from MLS. MLS is a quicker league – end to end – while here [Venezuela] there’s a bit more contact. Here we play harder, it’s more physical. I think that will help me because I have some time playing here and I think over there [MLS] I’ll be able to find more space.

CM: Last year you had the chance to play in Copa Libertadores, making five appearances and scoring one goal. What did that experience teach you?

ES: I learned how different teams play – we faced Paraguayan, Chilean and Brazilian teams – and how the styles differ. In [Copa] Libertadores there’s more contact and the teams are very good. I was able to score my first goal and I think that thanks to God I did well. It’s good to play in [Copa] Libertadores: there’s a high rhythm, the teams are good and you learn a lot by watching and playing against great teams.

CM: How would you like to see your game continue to develop? What are your goals with Crew SC in 2018?

ES: I think I will learn a lot in Columbus. Besides, [Federico] Higuain is there and he has had a great career so I think I will learn a lot from him. I have seen him play and he plays very well. I will learn a lot from him, the coaches, my teammates and the rest of the technical staff. I hope to be able to contribute to the club, to be able to provide assists and score goals. My goal is to win a tournament with Columbus, which would be excellent.

CM: At your last club, you wore the fabled number 10 on the back of your jersey. With that in mind, what can Crew SC supporters expect from you?

ES: I’m headed there very motivated and hopeful. I hope that fans welcome me in the best way and I know that they can expect great things from me. I hope that things go well and that they support me and the club. I will give the best of me so that I can earn the love and affection of the public.

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