7.13.19 Gyasi - Orlando City SC


Update on Gaston Sauro’s first-half injury

Yeah, I haven’t talked to the trainer yet, seems like his quad. Those are a couple tough things I mean, we had two subs that we didn’t program with Gastón [Sauro] early in the game and then obviously David Guzman having to come out late as well. The last of which was definitely disappointing because we probably would’ve have made another attacking sub, and we burned an early sub as well. But when one door kind of closes, another opens and Bouba [Aboubacar Keita] I felt was excellent today. Here’s a 19-year-old kid, you want to talk about some positives and some encouraging things today, that’s a big one. 19-year-old kid goes in the game, and he didn’t look out of place. We’re real pleased with him.

On whether it’s difficult to keep the morale among the players well following a loss

I think when you play well, it’s a little bit easier to stomach the result. I have to tell the truth, and I try to always tell the truth to my guys, and you, and I thought we were the better team today. Even though it was the same result, for me it felt different. I thought the 4-3-3 was very good, that’s a good look for us. I thought the midfield three of Guzman, Artie [Artur], and Wil Trapp were excellent today in keeping the ball, and were extremely organized. They had four shots at home, and the second half really the only chance they had was that ball behind the line that’s in the back of the net. So, we have to clean that up, and then obviously in the final third I think we had 11 shots. We missed some really good chances, we hit the crossbar. Eventually those balls will bounce in, we have to believe that, we know Gyasi [Zardes] is going to score those in the future. So, I don’t want to change a lot today, but for me there’s still some learning to be done, and we’re learning a lot this year.

On whether the second half of the season feels like a new season with the return of players who were away on international duty

Yeah, I mean obviously we had two guys back, you know – obviously, in Gyasi and Wil – and I thought it was maybe one of Wil’s best games of the year, he was excellent. I thought he really helped us control the game in the second half. I thought we were the one on the front-foot, we were the one in control and it looked to be our game. I just think in that final third still we are missing some crosses, we need to from our wingers continue to get more production, some of the outside backs, their service needs to be on the money a bit more. We’ll keep working on that, of course. But there’s not a lot I want to change, and for me, it felt a little different today and we’re going to keep focusing on improving. You know, obviously we know we’ve not gotten results, but I told the guys before this game that the next 14 games, I want to see an upward trend in every regard, and I thought there were positives today.


On calling the match against Orlando the start of a new season ahead of the contest and how to move forward from here

Yeah, I mean definitely sure we let this game go by. [But] You know, we can’t focus on it because we have another quick game against Chicago Fire and it’s extremely important, we get a result that game. This game is in the past, we’ve already played, and we just have to obviously watch film tomorrow and fix the things we need to correct and then come ready to play with the right mentality on Wednesday. 

On positive takeaways from the match

I saw a lot of positive things as well. I felt like there were key moments where we dominated the game and we had those two opp-, well I had those two opportunities at the end. I was unlucky with both of them, but know on another day they’d go in. I think we just have to keep progressing in that aspect of the game and we’ll be fine.

On the frustration during a stretch like this and how to put them aside and move on 

Yeah, I think your true character comes out in difficult moments. So, I think it’s important to stay positive and we keep working hard and we have to execute now, in the final third at least. Us attacking players we have to get more opportunities on goal.


On moving forward following the result against Orlando City SC

We have to turn up quick because we have another game on Wednesday, so we cannot think about this game, just put it behind us and move on.

On the positive personal takeaways from the contest

I mean as a young kid I have to get my confidence up for me to be able to help the guys, so I think that coming from the coach will give me a little more confidence going forward.

Onnot letting frustration be a factor

I mean losing is part of the game so all you can do is just learn from the games and take the positives away and move on to the next one.

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Interested in 2022 Season Tickets?