Columbus Crew at Charlotte FC | Match Recommencement FAQs

Below, you'll find a helpful guide as the match that was postponed on July 30th recommences in Charlotte on Wednesday, October 5.

When and how does the match restart? 

  • The original match was stopped due to inclement weather at 15:57, while the Charlotte FC goalkeeper was in possession of the ball in his own penalty area.  
  • The recommenced match will begin in the same spot with a dropped ball to the Charlotte FC goalkeeper at 15:58.  

Will the same players take the field in the recommenced match? 

  • The match will recommence with the same players on the pitch and the same substitutes available from the initial match, with the exception of starting players removed due to injury, illness, unavailability, or a sporting decision and the Goalkeeper Exception 
  • Lineups from the July 30 match are below:  

Charlotte FC Starting XI: Kristijan Kahlina, Guzmán Corujo (C), Anton Walkes, Harrison Afful, Joseph Mora, Brandt Bronico, Ben Bender, Yordy Reyna, Quinn McNeill, Karol Swiderski, McKinze Gaines 

Subs: Jan Sobocinski, Kamil Jozwiak, Jordy Alcívar, Daniel Rios, Christian Makoun, Andre Shinyashiki, Derrick Jones, Jaylin Lindsey, George Marks 

Columbus Crew Starting XI: Eloy Room, Josh Williams, Jonathan Mensah (C), Pedro Santos, Steven Moreira, Darlington Nagbe, Lucas Zelarayán, Aidan Morris, Cucho Hernandez, Luis Díaz, Derrick Etienne Jr.  

Subs: Milos Degenek, Kevin Molino, Yaw Yeboah, Marlon Hairston, Erik Hurtado, Jalil Anibaba, Evan Bush, James Igbekeme, Will Sands 

Are clubs allowed to make substitutions prior to the recommenced match? 

  • Clubs can make substitutions for sporting reasons prior to recommencement of the match. 
  • Substitutions made for sporting reasons WILL COUNT against the five allotted substitutions. 
  • Substitutions made for sporting reasons WILL NOT count against the three allotted substitution opportunities.  
  • Substitutions made for sporting reasons include any substitution NOT due to an injured, traded, loaned, or otherwise unavailable player. 

What happens if the originals players have been traded or injured? 

  • Any starting player that has been injured, traded, loaned, or otherwise unavailable can only be replaced by a substitute from the Official Match Roster of the originally postponed match.  
  • Replacing A Traded Substitute Player:  
  • Former Charlotte midfielder/defender Christian Makoun was traded from Charlotte FC to the New England Revolution. 
  • Makoun was not among the starting 11 for the original match. He was a substitute. 
  • Due to Makoun trade, Charlotte will have one less substitute in the recommended match than in the original match. 
  • Replacing An Injured Starting Player Prior to Match Recommencement:
  • The team may replace an injured starting player with a substitute prior to recommencement of the match. 
  • The substituted player may appear on the field at the start of the recommenced match.  
  • The team making the substitution will begin the recommenced match with one less substitute available. 
  • This substitute will not count against the five allotted substitutions each team has, nor will it count as one of the three substitution windows each team can use as long as the substitution is made prior to the recommencement of the match. 
  • Replacing A Rostered Starting Player Who Becomes Ill/Injured within 60 Minutes Prior to Kickoff:
  • A club may replace an ill/injured player within 60 minutes of match recommencement. 
  • The ill/injured player becomes ineligible and can only be replaced by a substitute from the original match’s Official Match Roster. 
  • Players not previously listed on the original match’s Official Match Roster cannot be used as substitutes.  
  • The club making the substitution will lose a substitution. 
  • Replacing a Goalkeeper (Goalkeeper Exception): 
  • If the starting goalkeeper from the original match is unavailable: 
  • The backup goalkeeper from the original Official Match Roster can be placed in the recommenced match, and the club will not lose a substitution.  
  • An additional goalkeeper can be added to the substitutes’ bench from the club’s eligible active roster. 
  • If the backup goalkeeper from the original match is unavailable (due to injury, trade, loan, or transfer): 
  • An additional goalkeeper can be added to the listed substitutes on the bench.  
  • The additional goalkeeper must be on the club’s eligible active roster.  
  • If the club substitutes the newly added goalkeeper into the match prior to kick-off: 
  • The goalkeeper originally listed on the starting lineup will be ineligible. 
  • The club will have one less substitution available.  
  • To clarify, the club cannot fill the vacant substitute’s position with the goalkeeper who was substituted out of the match. 

Will players suspended for the original match still serve suspensions during the recommenced match? 

  • Yes, Charlotte FC defender Christian Fuchs was serving a suspension during the original match.  
  • Fuchs will continue to serve that suspension during the recommenced match.  
  • Fuchs is on a two-game suspension for a separate incident for violent conduct.  

Will Yellow Card Accumulation impact this match? 

  • Zero yellow cards or red cards were issued during the original match. 
  • Yellow cards issued during the match prior to the recommenced match will count towards Oct. 9 
  • A player could serve a suspension on Oct. 5 for any egregious offence (including referee abuse/assault), or supplemental discipline issued prior to the recommenced match. 

Will Yellow Cards or Red Cards issued during the recommenced match impact Decision Day? 

  • Any yellow cards received during the postponed match will immediately count towards a player’s season total.  
  • For Example: If a player has four yellow cards in his season accumulation total and receives a yellow card during the recommenced match, that player will serve his suspension in his next MLS match on MLS Decision Day 2022, Sunday, Oct. 9. 
  • Any player issued a second yellow card or red card in the recommenced match will be dismissed from the match and will serve the suspension in his next MLS match on MLS Decision Day 2022 on Sunday, Oct. 9.
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