► What is League Series Two and how does it work?

League Series Two is the second of three eMLS tournaments taking place in 2020. It was preceded by League Series One and will be followed by eMLS Cup in March. Crew SC's Graham Ellixwill compete against players from 24 other MLS teams in the fight to be crowned League Series Two champion as well as for points in the 2020 eMLS standings. The League Series Two winner will also receive a $7,500 cash prize.

Currently, Ellix sits in 14 points back of a top-eight position:

<a href="https://www.mlssoccer.com/emls/2020/roster/Crew96Skamzz" target="_blank">Crew96Skamzz</a>
3 - 1 - 8
17 - 34

All 25 players will play 12 games during the regular-season portion of the event, which takes place on Friday. The top eight overall players (regardless of conference) will qualify for the live-stream portion of the event on Saturday (7 pm–10:30 pm ET), with the host club (in this case the Portland Timbers) guaranteed a place on the live stream no matter their player's result.

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Interested in 2023 Season Tickets?