With Pelotonia Opening Ceremonies and a Clippers game occurring at the same time, traffic and parking will be a challenge.

It is advised to avoid taking 315 to Dublin Road due to intermittent closures of the off-ramp. Taking 670 to the Neil Ave. exit is preferred.

Road Closures & Parking Impact

Parking west of Neil Ave. is for parking passes only.

Road Closures:

  • Neil Ave (from W. Long St. to New Public Lane)
  • West Street (from W. Spring St. to Nationwide Blvd.)
  • Josh McConnell Blvd (from W. Spring St. to New Public Lane)
  • W Spring St. (from Marconi Blvd. to Hocking St.)
  • W Long St. (from Marconi Blvd. to Hocking St.)

All traffic will be turned onto Hocking to Nationwide from the east.

Parking Shuttle 

Going to the stadium, pick up at the Hickory entrance of the Front St Garage

  • Hickory south to Long
  • Long east to Front
  • Front north to Nationwide
  • Nationwide west to Field

Going back to the shuttle pick up

  • Nationwide east to Front
  • Front south to Hickory
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Let's Make History Together
Let's Make History Together

We can’t wait for you to join us at Field for your Crew's debut in the inaugural Leagues Cup, a first-of-its-kind World Cup-style international competitive tournament between MLS and LIGA MX clubs.

Intense rivalries, both new and old, will be settled on the pitch. Leagues Cup will rekindle some historic intracontinental matchups and create even more excitement between MLS and LIGA MX.

Leagues Cup Format
Leagues Cup Format
More Info
More Info

What to Expect

In Leagues Cup, host venues like Field are neutral venues and a home for both clubs. The in-stadium fan experience will be different and unique, and some of the usual pre-match ceremonies that happen during a home Crew match will be replaced with ceremonial Leagues Cup rituals.

Leagues Cup is for Everyone

We are committed to ensuring all fans have an enjoyable and safe experience at our Leagues Cup games. We believe that soccer is a game for everyone and should be enjoyed without any offensive behavior. That’s why we’re calling on all our players and fans to join us in eradicating all discriminatory chants.

All patrons must comply with the fan code of conduct, including the prohibition on the use of offensive language. Failure to do so could result in ejection of fans, and pausing, suspending, or ending the match, in which case fans will not receive refunds.

¡Leagues Cup es para todos! Nos esforzamos en que todos los asistentes tengan una experiencia agradable y segura en los partidos de Leagues Cup. Creemos que el fútbol es un juego para todos y debe disfrutarse sin ningún comportamiento ofensivo. Invitamos a jugadores y aficionados para que nos unamos para erradicar los gritos discriminatorios.

Todos los asistentes deben cumplir con el código de conducta del aficionado, incluida la prohibición del uso de lenguaje ofensivo. De lo contrario, podría resultar en la expulsión de los aficionados y pausar, suspender o dar por terminado el partido, en cuyo caso los aficionados no recibirán reembolsos.

Beverages at Field

For the safety of fans and players, all bottled and canned beverages in the stadium will be poured into cups after they are ordered/purchased. Please note that when you walk up to the beverage coolers (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), there will be staff members there to serve fans and pour the beverages into cups.

Group Stage, Seeding and Hosting

The Group Stage placement for MLS teams will be based on the final 2022 Supporters’ Shield standings. The top 15 MLS Clubs will each be placed in groups based on seeding, as well as by region, and will host two matches each. The top 15 LIGA MX clubs - based on the combined Clausura 2022 and Apertura 2022 standings - will be placed into groups in reverse order from the MLS clubs (No. 15 LIGA MX seeded club will be paired with No. 1 MLS seeded club and so on). There will be at least one LIGA MX club per group.

The remaining 13 MLS clubs together with the 2 remaining LIGA MX clubs, will be divided geographically and drawn into groups. The 13 MLS clubs will each host one Group Stage match each. LIGA MX v. LIGA MX matches will be played at select venues depending on region.

Every team will play two matches in the Group Stage, with the top two teams from each group, as determined by points, advancing to the Knockout Stage Round of 32.

No matches in the Leagues Cup Group Stage will end in a tie. Each team receives one point if the game is tied after 90 minutes. The winner of the subsequent penalty kicks will earn an additional point. Regulation wins count as three points.

Knockout Rounds

Following the Group Stage, the advancing teams will be joined by the top MLS and LIGA MX clubs and will be placed in a fixed bracket to compete in the single-game elimination Knockout Rounds beginning with the Round of 32 (16 matches), followed by Round of 16 (eight matches). The eight advancing teams will compete in the Quarterfinals (four matches) before the two Semifinal matches.

Leagues Cup Final and Third-Place Game

The Leagues Cup 2023 Final and Third-Place game, which will determine the qualifiers in Concacaf Champions League, will be played on Saturday, August 19.

Concacaf Champions League Qualification

As previously announced by Concacaf, the Leagues Cup 2023 winner will qualify directly for the Concacaf Champions League Round of 16, and the second and third place Clubs will qualify for the Champions League Round One. This is the first official competition in the world to involve two leagues and be sanctioned by their Confederation.

Join us this season!
Join us this season!
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2024 Season Ticket Memberships