Columbus Crew Field Media Policy

Columbus Crew would like to thank all members of the media who cover the Club. We enjoy working with you and are looking forward to doing so again during the continuation of the Crew’s 26th season in MLS. In 2021, the Crew bid farewell to Historic Crew Stadium – the first soccer-specific stadium in the United States – and will open Field on July 3. Should you have any questions about this guide, please contact Tim Miller [], Eunice Kim [] or Carlos Mojica [].

The media policy has been altered so as to comply with the necessary health measures due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Crew Communications will work to ensure that media members receive quality matchday service and continue to have access to provide coverage of matches while abiding by social distancing guidelines. The health and safety of all media members as well as players and staff will be at the forefront of each matchday communications operation efforts.

Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following media access policy set forth by Major League Soccer is subject to change as the season progresses. Columbus Crew will provide updates as they are determined.


All media members must apply for a day-of-match credentials no later than 72 hours prior to the match they wish to attend via this online form.

Media members will receive an email prior to matchday confirming their credential request. Upon approval, single-match credentials may be picked up at Media Will Call located inside the West Lobby entrance located off Columbus Crew Way. Media Will Call opens two hours before the start of the match.

As the 2021 MLS season continues, all members of the media who have been granted a credential must fill out an online health survey prior to attending the match. Field opens to members of the media two hours prior to kickoff unless otherwise noted.

In accordance with local guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals are encouraged but not required to wear face masks while located in the press box.

Credentials MUST be visible and worn at all times. Lost credentials must be reported immediately to Crew Communications.


Parking for media members covering Crew matches at Field is located in P6 (North Lot) located on Nordecke Drive. Field credentials are NOT valid for parking entry. Members of the media who request a parking pass when applying for a credential will be granted access to P6 (North Lot).


After parking, Media Members should proceed to the stadium’s West Lobby entrance for the Crew’s Media Will Call. The West Lobby entrance is located on the west side of Field on Columbus Crew Way. All photographers, local TV camera crews, print and digital media members with press box or photo work room access must enter this season, every match, through the West Lobby entrance.

Photographers and local TV broadcasters with photo zones access can access the photo work room and field level via elevators in the West Lobby. A member of the Crew Communications staff will distribute all photo vests upon arrival at the photo work room.

All members of the media that have sent credential RSVP emails and received confirmation can pick up their credentials at Media Will Call. All media members MUST check-in with Crew Communications staff at Media Will Call.


Media members are reminded to dress professionally and are asked not to wear gear of either club participating in the match or competing sponsors with local or League affiliates. This pertains to photo zone products such as water bottles.

Any unauthorized use or violation of a credential (including, without limitation, requesting autographs, taking non-work related photographs, or making any other personal use of a credential or the stadium access conferred by a credential) can result in the revocation of said access.


Photo work room: The photo work room at Field will be available for a select number of photographers/videographers. A press meal will be provided in the dining area of the main press box.

All photographers and local TV photographers with credentials should proceed through the West Lobby entrance and will then be escorted to their next locations.

Photo bibs/vest: In addition to their credential, it is required that photographers and camera crews obtain and wear a colored bib/vest, making them easy to identify. For the remainder of the 2021 MLS season, videographers and photographers will be given an orange bib by a Crew staff member.

A photo ID will be required to check out a photo bib from the Photo Work Room. Following the match, photographers and videographers must return their bibs to a Crew staff member located in the Photo Work Room.

Photo field access: Photographers and videographers are permitted to shoot the game behind the field boards along each endline. Crew photo marshals will be available to assist with any questions that may arise.

Unless prior approval has been granted by a member of Crew Communications, photographs are only permitted to be taken from field level.

Pre-match live shots for news outlets:

Media Will Call opens two hours prior to the match for media entrance. Members of the news media looking to do a live hit right at the two-hour mark should reach out to a member of Crew Communications to coordinate entrance. However, any news live shots before the two-hour mark will take place outside of the stadium. Live shots after media will call opens (two hours prior to kick) and up until 15 minutes before the listed start time may take place on the Field Plaza. No live shots may take place in the stadium during match action.



In order to respect social distancing guidelines, media members will not have access to player locker rooms post-game.

Press conferences and interviews with the Head Coach post-match:
Post-match press conferences – which will feature Crew’s Head Coach as well as two players – will be held in the Field Press Conference room. All credentialed members of the media are permitted to record the video conference.

During match:

During match action, only club personnel and broadcast rights-holders may transmit live video footage from anywhere within Field. At the north and south designated zones, non-rights-holders may record the first minutes of each half for highlights, but at no point during match action may they transmit live/streaming video footage including video for television and/or mobile and web-based programs. All transmissions of live video for TV stand-ups pre/post-match in designated media access zones must be pre-arranged and facilitated by a member of Crew Communications.


All members of the media with approved credentials enter Field and club training session media access zones in agreement with said cell phone and recorded/live video policies and are subject to all other stated rules and regulations. Violations of any policy may be grounds for immediate revocation of the credential and removal from the premises.


If you have any questions about access zones or the applicability of a credential, do not hesitate to ask Crew Communications.