MLS Re-Entry

Your MLS Re-Entry Draft refresher course

Stage One of the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Process takes place on Friday at 3:00 p.m. ET, with the Second Stage occurring on Thursday, December 18. Both stages will take place via teleconference and Crew SC will select 11th overall in the drafts.

Here are the rules of player availability during the Re-Entry Process (language from MLS Roster Rules in italics):

Players who are at least 23 years old and have a minimum of three years experience in MLS whose options were not exercised by their clubs (available at option salary for 2015).

  • Example: The LA Galaxy's Chandler Hoffman is 24 years old, his option was declined and has three years of MLS experience, therefore a club can select him in Stage One, but has to pay the salary that his option with the Galaxy would have guaranteed in 2015.

Players who are at least 25 years old with a minimum of four years of MLS experience who are out of contract and whose club does not wish to re-sign them at their previous salary (available for at least their 2014 salary).

  • Example: 29-year-old defender Patrick Ianni's option was not picked up by the Chicago Fire, but he can be selected in Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft and earn at least the same amount that he did in 2014 given his nine years of MLS experience.
Players who are at least 30 years old with a minimum of eight years of MLS experience who are out of contract and whose club does not wish to re-sign them (available for at least 105% of their 2014 salary).
  • Current example: Veteran defender Danny O'Rourke is out of contract and has yet to re-sign with the Portland Timbers. His 10 years of experience in MLS guarantee him a five percent raise in 2015 if he is selected in Stage One. 
Players who are not selected in Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft will be made available in Stage 2. Clubs selecting players in Stage 2 will negotiate a new salary with the player.
Players who remain unselected after Stage 2 will be available to any MLS club on a first come, first serve basis.

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