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Post-Match Quotes: Columbus Crew SC at Vancouver Whitecaps FC - Sept. 21, 2019


On whether the draw against Vancouver Whitecaps FC felt like a loss

It’s really disappointing. The season was on the line, we’re up 1-0, 10 seconds to go. We need to put the ball in the stands. These are simple things that you have to do to win games and we do the wrong things and it’s cost us this season, honestly. If we could see out a game this year we’d be in the playoffs.

On whether the result against Vancouver Whitecaps FC feels like a step backwards for Crew SC after a string of positive results

Obviously, you saw their team, they were a bit lifeless. The game was there for us to easily run away with if we’re sharp and we’re urgent. We got the first goal and we started just playing not to lose. We didn’t play to score the second goal, psychology changed. Any time we went forward we could have scored a goal, honestly, and we didn’t. What do you say? At the very least we should have seen the game out. I mean the game was done, the referees were waiting to blow the whistle. We have to put the ball in the stands, we have to foul, we have to put pressure on the cross, we have to obviously pick up one of the most lethal strikers [Freddy Montero] in the League – always has been – and we don’t do any of those things. It’s not the first game, and to be honest with you I just thought overall we should have played better, especially against a team that really had nothing to play for.

On his thoughts on playing at BC Place again

All I thought about was prolonging our season. We needed three points to push us into next week and we didn’t get it done. The game was there for the taking and we just weren’t aggressive or urgent enough after we scored the goal. It’s disappointing. I’ve seen this type of game happen quite a bit, it’s just disappointing that it’s happened to us so many times.



On his overall thoughts on the match

It was really tough because it’s the last minute of the game, and it happened before already. I’m just sorry for the effort we did. We didn’t play our best game, but I also think we have to win this game. We were the better team, and if you concede this goal at the end it’s really tough.

On whether the result against Vancouver Whitecaps FC feels like a step backwards for Crew SC after a string of positive results 

I think so, because we want to go in the playoffs. If you lose these points it’s really difficult. Other games we had the same result at the end, that we draw the game or didn’t win. It has to be a lesson for us, but we still make the same mistakes. It’s too bad because we had a good stretch, which is sad, and good games. We played a good game last week also, and we had to win today, but I think we have to learn from it and it’s a hard lesson. How we played the last 15 minutes of the game, we didn’t deserve to go into the playoffs like that.

On looking towards the future

We have to level up if we want to compete with the other big teams, to level up and not concede goals like this. It’s not possible if you want to play at this high level. We have to learn from it.



On how the result against Vancouver Whitecaps FC changes the mindset of the team:

We’re still going to keep going. We’ve still got two games to go. Even though we were hoping to win this game to keep the playoffs alive. It’s just disappointing and unfortunate for us. We can only go home and make our fans proud again.

On still having a small chance to make the playoffs

We have a whole week to prepare for our next game. This game is over, so once again it’s a lesson and we put it behind us and go again.

On what Crew SC has left to prove

We just need to play for our fans and show them that we still want to win for them. We’re going to play at home, and then our last game in Toronto. It’s always great to go out there and play for our fans, so we’re just going to go out there and get the three points for them.


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